Customer Care

Going Green

It’s about being GREEN

At Dormer Homes, we want to build a better, healthier future for you and generations to come. That starts with Sustainable Design, Energy Star standards & Home Automation. All in an effort to build not only a better future, but a sustainable one too.


Better starts with quality

Quality materials. Quality suppliers. That’s how we’re able to build a better home. It’s in the things you see like solid surface countertops and real hardwood. But more importantly in the things you don’t see, like engineered trusses and Safe ‘n’ Sound insulation, to name only a few. That’s how you enjoy a better life.


ENERGY STAR© all the way

ENERGY STAR certified homes take ecology to the next level. Featuring more insulation and superior windows and doors for warmer winters and cooler summers, higher efficiency systems, better appliances, and airtight construction for cleaner, fresher air quality. But that’s not all! At Dormer Homes, we take our commitment to environmental stewardship very seriously with some truly innovative sustainable features. Features like rainwater collection systems, solar power, and NCRES Systems – an integrated power management system designed to save you even more energy. The result is a next generation home that really takes sustainability to the next level.


Smart, secure and convenient

Ok, buying a home is a lot of paperwork. But you don’t have to sweat it, because our Homeowner Hub takes care of it all. It’s a simple online storage program that keeps all your important documents safe, secure and easily accessible. Things like your Agreement of Purchase & Sale, what colors you picked, the upgrades you selected, a move in checklist, utility contact list and Tarion documents.


Hand in Hand Program

Dormer Homes guides you through the door

Say hello to our Hand in Hand Homebuyer Program. It’s personal, empowering and thoughtfully tailored to give you a better home buying experience from start to finish. Let’s explore what that looks like.


We walk through before you do

A walk through is one of the most exciting steps in your homeownership journey. That’s why we do two. First, a frame walk will allow you to see what’s behind your walls. It’ll also give you a good sense of how your space will feel. Second, your Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI). This is your home almost ready for move in. We’ll tour each space, show you how everything works and thoughtfully answer any questions you may have. But before your PDI, we’ll walk through with our team to ensure your first impression is all smiles. It may seem like a little difference but it’s what truly sets a Dormer home apart.


We are here for you

We’re a family business so we understand the importance of having someone to talk to. Maybe it’s a question, a point in the right direction or just some extra reassurance. When you call or email, we’re probably fussing over how to make your home better, but we promise to get back to you within one business day.


Move a wall, make it yours

This is your home. This is your family. It’s for every moment that matters so we want you to make it 100% yours. So go ahead and move a wall, a location of a door, a closet or a light fixture. Because it’s these little things that will give you a home that’s uniquely yours.