About Dormer Homes

Here it’s all about family

At the beating heart of each and every home is a family. Big and small, from a hundred different places, each with a story to tell. At Dormer Homes, we understand this because we’re a family too. Which is why from day one, we’ve been hands on with everything that goes into creating a community where families would aspire to live. We believe it’s the only way we can ensure it’ll be just right. Over the past 35 years, our portfolio has grown to include some amazing communities we’re really proud of. Communities you’d be proud to call home!

Dormer Homes started as a family owned business in 2007. The founders of Dormer Homes have been developing and building residential, commercial and industrial buildings for more than 40 years. Our real estate development experience includes land acquisition, planning and home construction. Our team has project experience throughout the Greater Toronto Area, most recently in Richmond Hill, Aurora and Toronto.

We are passionate about designing beautiful and unique homes together with well-planned communities. With a hands-on approach to planning and design, customer care and construction, we take great care to ensure each development is done just right. Streetscape by streetscape, our portfolio has grown to include some amazing communities we’re really proud of. In these communities reside families who look to the future with optimism and hope. Hope not only for a better home, but a better life in a Dormer Homes community.

Masoud Dolatabadi

Masoud Dolatabadi

Founder & CEO

My vision, as a successful executive, is to develop strong relations with both governmental  bodies and non-governmental organizations (NGO) to sustain a cooperative environment among the Board of Directors in order to support the causes the organization is working towards and improve its effectiveness as one of the best Iranian organizations in North America.

Dedication and Involvement

  • Involved with Kanoon Mohandes since 2006. He is a member of the Board of Directors since 2018.
  • Senior advisor of Tirgan’s Financial & Management Committee who is dedicated to participating at weekly marketing meetings. Dormer Homes is also an on-going gold sponsor of Tirgan.
  • A member of BILD (Building Industry and Land Development Association).
  • A strong supporter of the co-op Iranian student program. Provided co-op student with training opportunities via Dormer Homes.

Fast Facts

  • 40 Years of passion, care & excellence
  • Residential, commercial & industrial expertise
  • Hands on from start to finish, land acquisition & development, planning & design, construction, and customer care
  • Dormer Homes takes sustainability to the next level by being a builder of superior, Energy Star certified homes

Spread a little kindness

In an effort to spread our good fortune, Dormer Homes is committed to giving 2.5% of its annual profits to local charities like the Canadian Red Cross, and other cultural/community activities. We have been proud supporters of the Richmond Hill Winter Carnival for Kids and the Oak Ridges’ Fair. We’ve also supported the Red Cross with their natural disaster relief efforts in Alberta.

Dormer Homes is deeply committed to community involvement and social responsibility. They engage in volunteer service, sponsor Tirgan festivals for cultural enrichment, support football tournaments to encourage an active lifestyle, and assist Cherish Integrated Services in promoting community well-being. Additionally, the company sponsors the EMCO organization for International Women’s Day, showcasing a dedication to gender equality and global empowerment. In these ways, Dormer Homes actively contributes to various initiatives that extend beyond business, demonstrating a commitment to the betterment of society.

Dormer Homes has taken great pride in being able to financially support the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, an institution that serves as a beacon of hope for so many. Through our contributions, we stand firmly behind Dr. Gelareh Zadeh’s vital research, which continues to impact the lives of those affected by cancer.
We firmly believe in the power of collaboration, innovation, and giving back to the community. It’s an honor to support the incredible work being done at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and to stand beside Dr. Zadeh as she received the well-deserved 2023 Canada Gairdner Momentum Award.